Flat as a pancake, and so much to the north, Denmark may not be the first flying spot on your “to fly” list. But one good guided trip with experienced local instructors may change your idea about its flying opportunities forever!

With nice and long sand dunes and sandy beaches in almost every wind direction and perfectly laminar winds blowing every day, Danmark offers a type of flying which is not possible in Alps or other mountain regions at all. So much to the north, means that the flying in summer time can start at 5 am and sometimes it is still perfectly soarable at 11pm! Our courses give the perfect opportunity to train your ground handling skills and low-altitude precision flying to perfection.

  • Ground handling sessions

Making you perfectly understand and control your glider better than ever is our main target for the course. This is possible through a well-planned and supervised ground handling course. During such course we start to observe your level of experience and tailor the course according to your specific needs. Some days later, you don’t even remember your earlier skill level! Now you are a much more precise pilot and more confident with your flying. And all this has happened while you have been playing safely around in the nice sand dunes of Denmark in laminar wind!

  • Couching for ridge soaring

When you show good piloting skills and safe progression,  it is time to go on your first ridge soaring flight! We help you make safe flights in safe conditions and enjoy the magic lift produced by laminar and smooth sea breeze.

Remember, flying in 30-40 km/h wind close to the ridge needs good planning and perfect piloting skills. This is what we need to give you in the first and the most important part of the course. But mastering the ground handling technics in the first 3-5 days is always rewarded with some hours of memorable flying in the magical sea breeze toward the end of the week!

  • Guided tours to flying sites

As you get completely confidence with your ground handling skills and ridge soaring experience is speeding up, it is time to experience Denmark for full blown. At this time, our team takes you to the other good flying sites, if the wind is better there and you can enjoy ridge soaring new dunes. sometimes, it takes more than one week to reach this level. So the two weeks registration is recommended if you have the time for it.


  • Ground handling & soaring training and guided tours
  • Daily meteorology briefing
  • Terrain briefing at each visited flying site
  • Personalized training schedule
  • Start & landing fees at all visited flying sites
  • Accommodation at Bovbjerg Camping

Not included:

  • Transport and meals
  • Paragliding equipments
About The instructor team

The course is being run by Essie Saadi. He has been flying paragliding at age 15 in the 90s and has been instructing paragliding in almost 20 years now. A young and talented pilot whose passion has always been to get smile on the faces of his students. He leads a team of talented instructors in Airwave Paragliding Club in Denmark and has been revolutionizing the paragliding educational system for the Danish Hanggliding & paragliding association in the last couple of years.


The first course: 7th-14th July 2018

The second course: 15th-21th July 2018

  • Arrival and check inn is on Saturday. The course starts on Sunday.
  • Everyday briefing on the campsite at 9:00 am
  • The course includes seminars, group trainings, individual training & flying.
  • The course finishes on Saturday after flying time.
  • Fast & efficient communication through online social media groups
Who is the course recommended to?

Everybody from beginner to experts will have a lot of fun and some magic moments here. Remember, precision flying close to the ground is fun and challenging even for an expert! The tour is also recommended to families, as the area offers nice beaches of white sand and many natural and cultural attractions.


Paragliding license & third Part insurance for paragliding

Teaching language

Simple English and a lot of body language! If the understanding gets problematic, it can be helped by Danish, a little French and a little German language as well. :0)

Where it starts
How to get there
  • By car: Take E45 toward Denmark, 18 toward Holstebro and follow the road toward Ferring at the west coast. Bovbjerg Camping: Juelsgårdvej 13, Ferring, 7620, Lemvig
  • By plane: Take a cheap flight to Hamburg or Billund and rent a car/autocamper and drive 2 or 4.5 hours to Ferring.
  • One week: 595 € , two weeks: 995 €
  • Non flyers, one week:250 €, two weeks: 500 €
  • Children up to 15, One week:100 €, two weeks: 200 €
Registration & Payment
  • Write an e-mail to kontakt@airwave-gliders.dk
  • Account name: Airwave paragliding klub
  • IBAN: DK3720006877839433
  • Swift code: NDEADKKK


Other usefull information